Fee Structure For 1 st year B-Tech and M-Tech (2021-2022)

Fee Structure for 1st Year (Session 2021-2022)

Tuition Fee Rs. 55,000/(B-Tech) Rs. 58,000/ (M-Tech)
Registration Fee Rs. 1,000/- Rs. 1,000/-
Caution Money (refundable) Rs. 5,000/- Rs. 5,000/-
Book-Bank Rs. 1,250/- Rs. 1,250/-
Mediclaim + Development Fee+ Insurance Rs. 7500/- Rs. 10,000/-
Total Fee Rs. 69750/- Rs. 69750/-

Any change in fee structure by the AKTU/ U.P. Govt. / Honorable Court will be implemented as applicable.

Education loan is available with Bank Of Baroda and other banks.


Hostel Facility  
Hostel Charge Rs. 45,000
Transportation Rs. 12,000
Caution Money (refundable) Rs. 5,000