“Eduction is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another”

G. K. Chestevton

The economic strength of a society depends on the educational infrastructure, in general, and the echelon of excellence of technical education, in particular. The advanced technical and professional education is indubitably a key component of the emerging knowledge economy for the growth of a society.
Technological progress is very closely linked with the availability and practical utilization of intellectual human capital. Knowledge is basically acquired through proper deduction, training, research and development in relevant fields. Academic institutions of higher learning thus have an important role to play contributing to the growth and development of the nation. The old educational ethos and philosophies can hardly withstand the pressures of dynamic and complex modern life.
C.B.S. College of Engineering & Management, established in 2009, ensures a liberated, motivating, ingenious, innovation and high-caliber educational environment so as to nurture successful captains of our society. CBS College of Engineering & Management is also the best college for engineering and management in Agra and nearby areas. We offer large number of professional programs in the fields of engineering & technology. An ‘Oasis’ created in Agra, ensures conducive learning environment where overall developments of students is facilitated to the full through innovative teaching and training methods.     

Dr. Meena Bhaduri